ASTAG is the result of a child’s dream, one I ambition to bring to life from way before my first contact with the fashion world. Of Morrocan origins, the true ascendant of the name behind the brand is my grandfather, Lahoussine Astag, to whom I owe all the inspiration for the birth of this project. His role is as important in the brand, as it was in my life: an entrepreneur himself, it was my grandfather who inspired and motivated me to get to where I am. ASTAG not only represents my origins, but also the marriage, the connection between the Portuguese and Morrocan cultures: my father, Portuguese, and my mother, my grandfather’s daughter, also Morrocan — curiously, the only one of eight siblings who got the most “universal” given name and ended up moving to Portugal.  

Founded in 2020, ASTAG is yet a newly-born, which allied to my Morrocan roots that I seek to be noted, its greatest goal is to be as inclusive as possible, reaching out to different ethnicities, ages and sizes, as well as all genders, in order to contribute for a greater representativity and diversification. It is the brand’s ambition that the pieces can reach a diverse range of people, along with its intention, in the long run, to create transgender collections. 


ASTAG seeks to ally fashion with music, which is also a fundamental part of my life. Every collection is developed and inspired by different songs of different artists. To each collection is given the name of a song, and to each piece is given the name of one part of the lyrics of the respective song. Each piece represents a part of myself, and every collection tells a different story. 

The first collection,  Find Your Way Back, represents my way back and my reencounter with my love for fashion and design. The song represents not only the feeling of return, but also the courage of taking the ultimate step forward.


ASTAG is centred on the ideals of slow-fashion. Every piece has a timeless design and is limited edition, produced only on purchase. This avoids that any piece is left in stock that may never make it to one’s wardrobe, in order to prevent any waste. So that the pieces are as inclusive as possible, ASTAG provides the consumer with a service of adjustment wherever it is needed. This service, that seeks to guarantee the consumer’s full satisfaction, is entirely free of costs. 

Regarding the production and the materials used, ASTAG chooses materials that are comfortable and long-lasting so that the pieces may keep their value and be used for a long period of time. The whole process of production is entirely national: all fabrics are bought in Portugal and all pieces produced also in Portugal. For this, ASTAG counts with the precious help of local seamstresses. 


ASTAG is every one of the wonderful people who have made this project possible with their contribution. That comes to show that there can be friendship as well as great team-work and that all people involved like ASTAG as much, or more, than I do. All of them feel the brand as if it’s their own and only want to see it grow, contributing for that with what they know best.

To my best friends and specially to my mom, thank you for the endless support from day one.

Finally,  to my mother, to whom I dedicate this project and this collection especially. She who believes in me more than I believe in myself. Without her endless and invaluable support, ASTAG would have never been more than an object on my phone’s notepad. 


At the moment, ASTAG is only available online. Instagram and Facebook are our most used platforms as a way of communication between the brand and the consumer.

On the brand’s Instagram you can follow the production process. You may show us your bought pieces by tagging us, @astag, or by using the hashtag #shareyourastag and get a discount to use in your next purchase!